OfeliaCrazy4Cult NY, Gallery1988

El-Ahrairah and the Black Rabbit of Inle
"Picture's Worth A Thousand Words"
Ltd. Gallery, Seattle WA, November 2013

Suzy's Magic Power
"Bad Dads"
Spoke Art, San Francisco, CA, November 2013

"Hero Complex Gallery Celebrates AMC's The Walking Dead!"
Hero Complex Gallery, Las Angeles, CA, October 2013

The Chamberlain
"Crazy4Cult Presents: Say Hi to the Bad Guy"
Gallery1988, Las Angeles, CA, October 2013

Give Her The Right Look, The Right Boyfriend, and Bam. In Six Seeks She’s Being Named Prom Queen.
“We Made Them Do It”

Jellyfish Fields Forever
"Nautical Nonsense"
Gallery Nucleus, July 2013

Today's Secret Word
"Saturday Mornings"
Ltd. Gallery, July 2013

"Mr. Pointy"
Weapon of Choice, Hero Complex Gallery

They Tell Me You’re A Man With True Grit
"Over The Line: An Art Show Tribute to the Coen Brothers "

Gromit vs. Feathers McGraw
"Arch Nemesis"
Hero Complex Gallery, May-June 2013

Rocko's Bad Day
"It's The Shiz-Nick"
iam8bit, May 2013

You Can't Teach a Sneetch
Seuss-talation, Translations Gallery

The Gump
Righteous Rides
Hero Complex Gallery, May 2013

Subject 13
"The Official Bad Robot Art Experience"
Gallery1988, May 2013

Moulin Rouge
Oscar Legends, Hero Complex Gallery

Maximilian, Do You Hear An Atrocity? Calamity? Corruption?
"Scorsese: An Art Show Tribute"
Spoke Art, May 2013

I Would, But I Need the Eggs
The Humorist, Gallery1988

MINTcondition, Issue No. 2 , Ltd. Gallery

A Candle and A Clue
"Young Adult"
Gallery1988, February 2013
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“Marcelene, The Vampire Queen”

“Adventure Time!”
Nerd Love Project

“Spirited Away”

“Buster Keaton”

“Kermit the Frog”

“Twin Peaks”

“My Neighbor Totoro”


“Princess Mononoke”

"Harley Quinn (Batman)"

"Zero (Nightmare Before Christmas)"

"Poison Ivy (Batman)"

"Ed & Ein (Cowboy Bebop)"

"Ash (Fantastic Mr. Fox)"

“2001: A Space Odyssey”

“Doctor Who”

“Raz” (Psychonauts)

“Isaac Clarke” (Dead Space)

“Claptraps” (Borderlands)


“Great Snakes”

“What Have They Got In There, King Kong?”

“The Knife Storm”

“The Bathhouse”


“There And Back Again”

“You Will Perish In Flame; You and All Your Kind.”

“Saint Beatrix”

“A Pangolin in Chozo Armor”


“Master Splinter”

“Look Mister Bubbles, It’s An Angel”

“Arya Dreams of Red Fields and Battle”

“Saint Audrey”

“Lady Honoria”



“Did He Just Throw My Cat Out Of The Window?” (Inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel)

“By Starlight”


“More Human Than Human”